Beautiful card! After looking and looking for the right card, this was perfect. Packaged very nicely. Thank you so much! ~Maria Titensor
How It Works
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Our Connection Packs of 6 and 12 cards help make handwritten connections a habit. No need to wait for the next birthday or holiday, keep these hand-drawn wonders at the ready for the next time you crave a meaningful connection.
Write & send to someone special
Handwriting a note to a friend or family member is the most powerful way to pause, reflect, and express gratitude. Everyone loves receiving a card in the mail, and in today’s digital age, it is one of the simplest yet genuine ways to show someone you’re thinking of them.
Feel the connection
Expressing gratitude via the ancient art of handwriting has been proven to help strengthen our feelings of connectedness, and even helps promote better sleep, stabilize mental wellbeing, and improve over-all physical health of both the sender and receiver.

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