A Note from Rosie

It is hard to say when I began to draw. As a child, each day would present itself to me as a brand new illustrated fantasy. I embraced figures of animals and people alike and often placed them in relationships, since the joining of the two has always been the most precious for me. I would delight in those fleeting moments of connection: the touch of a pup sniffing my fingertips and gazing into my eyes, a bird forgetting fear and perching to feed from my outreached hand, or a chipmunk scooting around my feet collecting seeds. In instances such as these, there is a magical opening of space, silence and simplicity that is suddenly brought to unity and shared. This is what I was most drawn to, perhaps somewhat subconsciously when younger, and now consciously and passionately as it is this pure quality of experience and sharing that most influences my artwork. Moments of excitement, connection, humor, joy and as I grew and experienced, grief and sorrow too. Animals portray a welcoming and complete willingness to experience life in all its stages. I’ve always found this contagious.

Our Mission to Reclaim Connection
Though we've reached great heights living our separate identity-driven lives, our striving has also moved us further away from our primal human need for connection. Even our digital tools for reaching out to friends can fall short and seem strangely disconnected and without substance. True, there is nothing like being face-to-face with a kindred spirit, though the art of handwriting has been practiced and proven to mend the longings of separated souls for centuries.

A handwritten note inspires an exchange of unbounded love, appreciation and understanding for both giver and receiver. Each image and message of Rosie’s Wonders Connection Cards is specially designed to evoke unique messages to be sent not only for special occasions but to enliven a feeling of connectedness every day. They will deliver that extra nudge needed to help us return to this time-honored practice and share the joy and healing that evolves when expressing with the handwritten word.