cards for animal condolence, sympathy, gratitude and holiday designs
Your cards have been such a lovely way to send our condolences to clients when they lose dogs that we care for at our kennel. Thank you so much!~Diane L
We purchased a set of "new dog" and "new cat" cards to congratulate new pet parents. We also got some thank you cards to create that personal touch. The feeling you get from a personal handmade card creates that Huge moment. Thank you! ~Heidi, Raritan Animal Hospital
We love these cards.They are a little hug that we can send through the mail to our clients when they are going through a very difficult time.~West River Valley Vet Service
cat sympathy cards
dog sympathy cards

Artisan-made greeting cards to spread hope and delight through your handwritten client connections

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New Client

We are pleased to have found Rosie's Wonders sympathy cards. We always send out a card when one of our patients passes away. These cards seem much more personal & we know they are made with love.~Cambridge Valley Vet Hospital
Rosie was wonderful to work with. The cards are just as beautiful in person. These cards will mean so much to our clients during such a difficult time. Thank you, Rosie! ~Melissa, NYC Veterinary Group
Unfortunately, as a veterinary urgent care, we put multiple patients to sleep each week. These cards feel much more personal than many others on the market. They are very high quality; the paper is nice and thick, and we never have to worry about the ink from our pens smearing. Will definitely purchase again.~Shay

You treat your clients' pets like the family they are.

So, when they grieve the loss of a beloved companion or welcome a new pet into their lives, you feel their loss and share in their joy.

Sending a handwritten card is an extension of your thoughtfulness and gentle care.

Perfectly express what you feel with Rosie's Connection Cards...

Where an illustration is worth a thousand words

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