It won't be long

Jun 2nd 2024

It won't be long till your goneSo have some funThey Whisper pleaseLook up from staring at your KneesThis trip is NowDon't worry howIt will run you roundThrough the crowdTwill test your coolYou'll … read more


Mar 23rd 2024

I can feel it in the breezeand in between the treesInside a gazeOr through a mazeYes, I see you thereArms in the airground at your toes You supposeThere's nothing more to doBut helpBind the tiest … read more
How to Write a Card

How to Write a Card

Posted by Rosalie Anne Schulick on May 14th 2019

To write a card, Won’t be so hard, Just take a pen, Round the bend, And find a place to sit quiet. Close your eyes And shut out the riot. Imagine your friend on … read more
Receiving a card

Receiving a card

Posted by Rosie on May 10th 2019

When one sees proof a fellow far away has conjured thought, has taken time, has sat down to contemplate for no outcome but to share their life experience…  … read more