60 pages of artisan-illustrated delight!

With a Seuss-like cadence, Where Love Is guides a child through an inquisitive bunny’s journey to find what’s true and hidden within. Each page reveals yet another layer of love through simple, and uplifting illustrations that sing to the spirit and delight the heart.

Where Love Is

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Written and illustrated by Rosalie Schulick

9 x 9 inches
printed in Vermont on 100% recycled paper

Product Reviews

Where Love Is

What a charming book! The art and prose are gentle, whimsical, fun, and inspiring...for children and adults. A rare blend, and a rare find. One that I will share and recommend.

~Casey McGinty

Where love is

It is a very special book and makes a wonderful gift for a good friend……young or old!! Thank you Rosie!!!!♥️♥️

~Suki Andrea-Rauh