How to Write a Card

How to Write a Card

Posted by Rosalie Anne Schulick on May 13th 2019

To write a card, 

Won’t be so hard, 

Just take a pen, 

Round the bend, 

And find a place to sit quiet. 

Close your eyes 

And shut out the riot. 

Imagine your friend 

once again, 

Hold them in your minds eye 

Like a pearl. 

What do you cherish? 

What do you respect? 

Find those parts of them 

you would never correct.

And finally when you’ve reached that

Glowing space…

Don’t erase,

Tilt your pen and let the ink take its place.

All that love, all those pictures

Flowing into words

for them to open and observe.

Trust me please

wings will spread

within their hearts

when they read

your note

with the same poise that you wrote.

A precious connection of the heart

tis the very best part!

Keep it flowing

I nudge and pray

Do not let it run

too far astray :)

Much love and blessings,